Dr. Martin Kaplitt
Founder, Medical Director
Dr. Martin Kaplitt is an acclaimed cardiac and vascular surgeon and founder and medical director of Vascular Diagnostic.
Sandy Rossano
Rarely there is a moment in your life that is so clear, you remember it always. In 1981 the very moment I walked into this center, I knew it was different. The philosophy of evaluating the complete cardiovascular system in one place made sense. I remember thinking of the saying "it's not my job" and how it could apply to the human body and diagnostics as well. Vascular Diagnostic is a place where each staff professional is aware that the patient is the reason we are here. We care as a team. We enjoy and respect each other and the patients.
Dr. Richard Saitta
Managing Director
I am immensely proud of the work that we do at Vascular Diagnostic. For almost three decades, we have strived for the highest level of quality in everything we do. We know that level of sustained success is rare and special, and that's what keeps us doing our best.
Dr. Joseph Platania
After nearly 20 years of service to Vascular Diagnostic and its patients I am proud to say that we are the very best at what we do. Put your heart in our hands.
Dr. Wesley Tzall
After 17 years at Vascular Diagnostic it's clear that the patients get the personalized service and focused attention that provides the best care as can be found anywhere.
Dr. Maria Pavlis
It is the professionalism, quality, and courteousness of the office staff, as well as the appreciative nature of our patients that drives me to travel from Connecticut each week. We strive to provide exemplary care and service to our patients which speaks to the longevity of our center.
Ultrasound Technologist
I've been a staff member at Vascular Diagnostic for a decade now, and in that time I've come to learn the difference between a simple business and a dedicated diagnostic laboratory. Here, patient care comes first, the protocols are effective and unabridged. The atmosphere is conducive to facilitating the best experience one can expect from a visit to the doctor.
Dr. Richard Warner, PhD
Exercise Physiology
Each day is like attending a United Nations gathering, meeting people, helping them improve their ideas of a healthy lifestyle. It is important to help people understand that when cleared by a physician they should seek a more active lifestyle regardless of time constraints, season of the year and/or energy level. Dick has been with Vascular Diagnostic's team close to 15 years.
Michael Zgaljardic
Nuclear Technologist
It is so rewarding to be a part of such a great team of medical professionals. I go to work knowing that i am surrounded by people at the top of their field, who really care about our patients and the quality of the work. Its a great feeling.
I really enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that I am part of a medical staff whose first concern is the health of the patient and carries out their duties as a professional team. Knowing that I can help someone is very rewarding to me.
I take great pride in the skills and professionalism that ive acquired over the years at Vascular Diagnostic. The standard here for both the medical and the personal components of diagnostic care are nothing short of excellent. I'm especially satisfied when returning patients remind us of the great experiences they have year after year.
I absolutely love working at Vascular Diagnostic. I feel like I am with my second family. We all share one goal in common and that is the utmost quality of care of the patient.
I feel that the staff here at Vascular Diagnostic are like a big family; we strive together, laugh together, and take a pride in our work that makes it feel like a second home. That pride is greatest when an appointment that I've made leaves our center with a look of satisfaction, and they remember my name with thanks as they leave. That's what drives us to be the best.
My experience at Vascular Diagnostic has been very rewarding. It's a pleasure to work in such a comfortable environment, and I feel like I'm a valuable member of a successful team.
It's a great feeling to know im working at a place with such a great history: 30 years of being the best. I take pride in seeing the familiar smiles on the faces of patients who return year after year, but also in discovering new ones, who, when they visit us for the first time, see first hand why we've earned the reputation of being the best.
Ive been a part of the Vascular Diagnostic team for over 25 years, and I feel great pride in having helped establish the tradition of excellence that our patients have come to enjoy. That tradition makes it possible for me to deal with both the individual patient and the large insurance company with the same efficiency, confidence and pride, and the knowledge that the quality of our work genuinely makes people's lives better.
At the age of 19, I arrived for an interview and knew immediately I wanted to be a part of this amazing team. Since that time, it has met more than those expectations.
Vascular Diagnostic has been part of my life for the past 25 years. The friendly, relaxed atmosphere is like my home away from home. I have met many people throughout the years, made lasting friendships and have supported a company I truly believe in. It gives me satisfaction to know that I have been part of the VDA team and have been there to help patients.