What is it? Generates a real-time ultrasound video of your heart in action.
How does it work?

Using a process similar to sonar, a small probe generates an ultra-high frequency soundwave which reflects off the heart and is converted into an image of surprising detail. A series of images is put together to form a real-time video of your heart in action. When combined with technology designed to measure the doppler effect, (think of a changing sound a siren makes when it travels away from you), allows our machines to map the flow of blood inside the heart and let our physicians know if there are any places where the blood is flowing too abnormally, indicating a blockage or other abnormality.

Why do we do it? Ultrasound techniques are used to scan the interior of the heart to single out the valves which regulate the flow between its chambers and/or to access previous damage to the walls of the heart (due to prior heart attack). Enlargement of the heart and the status of common conditions such as Mitral Valve Prolapse can be evaluated. A color Cardiac Doppler may also be used. These modalities allow your phyisican to decide a course of treatment.